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The increase of your market success with myDAILY®YACHT

The efficiency of daily work processes often reaches its limits without digital support.

When yacht charter companies handle many tasks of daily business at the same time, the overview can quickly get lost, which can lead to mistakes that result in avoidable additional costs. Even if its only routine tasks that are carried out, without sufficient digital support or (partial) automation it can still lead to avoidable additional costs - on the one hand due to wage costs and on the other due to human error.


A sensible alternative to effectively counteract these defficiencies and frictional losses in daily business is myDAILY®YACHT - the No. 1 industry solution for integrated planning, execution and automated handling of everyday recurring tasks and work processes.

myDAILY®YACHT offers the digitalisation and automation of the full range of tasks and functions of DAILY business - from digitally supported booking, fleet management and customer overview to automated claim-processing and settlement with the customer.

myDAILY®YACHT thus revolves around the three essential success factors:
Save money
hour glass
Save time
avoid mistakes

and thus results in an increase in productivity of up to 95% of your entire daily business.


The quality performance of myDAILY®YACHT contributes significantly to the market success of your yacht charter company. The more business processes are digitally supported by myDAILY®YACHT, the sooner you can approach your goal of efficient and effective daily business and continuously increase turnover and profits. 

In order to get the best possible benefit from myDAILY®YACHT, it is advisable to make full use of the available onboard functions and thus carry out all business processes digitally supported.
myDAILY®YACHT integrates the four process pillars of a yacht charter company such as BOOKING, MANAGEMENT, CRUISING and FINANCE & ACCOUNTING and thus makes the digital management of the daily business a child's play. The events are controlled and monitored in real time, either via notebook, tablet or completely independent of time and place with a smartphone.


A 3-month survey of small and medium-sized companies in the yacht charter industry showed that 92.6 percent of those surveyed consider the potential of an integrated and uniform system for the digitalization and (partial) automation of daily business to be extremely high.

In addition to conventional functional areas such as booking, fleet management and accounting, myDAILY®YACHT also contains, for example, modules for customer relationship management, quality management as well as document or project management. Since such components are not part of the traditional core functions of integrated software, the Institute for Innovation & Improvement GmbH & Co KG has concentrated on exactly these industry-specific features in close cooperation with industry experts and developed the first and unique 360° complete solution for yacht charter companies based on myDAILY®YACHT.


The continuous further development of myDAILY®YACHT is supported and promoted by superordinate institutions such as the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), the European Organisation for Digitalisation (EUODI), the BMWi-accredited digital consultants of emilQ®EXCELLENCE & TV (Consultant number: 62404-ZW-872), the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM), the German Mittelstand e.V. and other contributors.

The TOP 10 success factors of myDAILY®YACHT

The essential advantages of a digital-functionally supported daily business can be summarized in ten points:

Uniform database

Users work in one system only. Access to several isolated systems is not necessary to get an overview or to perform certain actions.

Central data storage

All information in only one place offers ease of access for immediate handling and thus saves costs. On the other hand, there is usually no need to maintain data several times if it has to be newly created, changed or deleted. This reduces the susceptibility to errors and leads to greater data consistency.

Real-time data

Interfaces, uploads and downloads always cause a time delay, so data also leaves the cloud system, is stored locally and can be lost or deleted. In the worst case, the current work/data situation may have changed during the transfer between the systems without users noticing. By working in a uniform solution with real-time data, such errors can be avoided by almost 100%.

Integrated view of the overall process

At any time, it is clear to those involved in the process which process step is currently being worked on. This avoids unnecessary queries or coordination. Interdependencies are also more transparent and, possible effects of measures can often be better assessed.


Many of the processes that traditionally have to be carried out manually are automated by myDAILY®YACHT (e.g. fleet management, claim-processing, invoicing), which results in high time savings. As a result, especially in routine processes, not only can the manual deployment of personnel in day-to-day business be significantly reduced, but also the error rate and the risk of errors.

Evaluation and analysis

The number of evaluations that may have to be created across several applications (keyword: MS Excel & Co.) can be significantly reduced. With myDAILY®YACHT, statements on daily events and current business figures and developments can be made at a glance - in real time and with just one click!

User knowledge

Users of myDAILY®YACHT can concentrate on dealing with just one IT system instead of parallel systems. If desired, this also facilitates cooperation with booking agencies, which can be easily added as users to myDAILY®YACHT and can interact via the comprehensive authorisation system, always within the framework of specifically desired rights.

Efficient administration

System administrators or web agencies become superfluous because myDAILY®YACHT is hosted directly by the provider as SaaS (=Software-as-Service) and can be maintained by the business customer (= yacht charter company) completely on his own.


Software updates are completely unnecessary, as myDAILY®YACHT is SaaS (= Software-as-a-Service). Software updates are thus automatically imported, so that all users of the yacht charter company automatically work with the latest software version at any time.

Direct contact persons

Every myDAILY®YACHT operator (= yacht charter company) has a fixed contact person, his business consultant of the institute, who, in addition to the hotline, is available at all times with help and advice.


Small and medium-sized companies in the yachting industry with limited resources, but also large yacht charter companies in whose business processes scalability plays a major role, can clearly benefit from fast and uncomplicated handling and process automation through myDAILY®YACHT in order to be able to react faster to market requirements, to continuously increase turnover profits and thus to remain competitive in the long term.

Do you have any questions concerning the use of the system or your order?

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